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Anything to help refine and improve our ability to continue to deliver excellence in customer service, we’re all ears! We take pride in our high level of referrals and repeat business. Our complaints policy is taken extremely seriously as we certainly don’t wish to lose your custom and would welcome the opportunity to put matters right. After all our future growth and development depends on each successful customer experience.

It is a legal requirement for property agents to belong to a Government-approved independent redress scheme and, as a member of The Property Ombudsman Scheme (TPO), we are governed by a strict Code of Conduct to deal with any complaints or grievances in an expeditious and escalated manner in order to provide you with a satisfactory outcome. In following their industry guidelines, we handle the complaint internally first and should the matter not be dealt with to our mutual satisfaction, then it is elevated externally by reference to TPO.

We’ve laid out 4 simple stages below to assist you to seek fair redress and rest assured we will do everything in our power to resolve the issue ourselves internally.

Stage 01

If you believe you have a grievance, please detail your complaint including when the matter occurred, any supporting evidence and set out how you would like the complaint to be resolved with the response you seek in the first instance directed to the Managing Director:

James Sawyer

Whatley Lane Estate Agents

1 Churchgate Street

Bury St. Edmunds


IP33 1RL 


We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within 3 working days and following a thorough in-house investigation in accordance with established in-house procedures, a reply will be sent to you within 15 working days of receipt of your letter.


Stage 02

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of our initial investigation, you are provided with a further opportunity to have your grievance reviewed by the Operations Director:

Michael Whatley

Whatley Lane Estate Agents

13 High Street





We will reply within 15 working days of your request, confirming our final viewpoint on the matter.



Still not satisfied

Stage 03

Should a resolution not be met by the final viewpoint, then you are at liberty to have the matter referred to The Property Ombudsman, to whom information will be provided by this Firm. You are also entitled to have your grievance referred to the Ombudsman should we fail to deal with matters expeditiously ie within 8 weeks from the date of written notification to ourselves.

TPOS Complaints

Milford House

43-55 Milford Street





01722 333 306 


You will need to submit your complaint to The Property Ombudsman within 12 months of receiving our final viewpoint letter, including any evidence to support your case.

The Property Ombudsman requires that all complaints are addressed through this in-house complaints procedure, before being submitted for an independent review.



Step 04

As a Propertymark Protected agent, if you feel your complaint has still not been satisfactorily dealt with by ourselves and/or The Property Ombudsman, you can submit your complaint for further independent review to Propertymark by downloading their complaint form.


Arbon House

6 Tournament Court

Edgehill Drive


CV34 6LG


01926 496 791 

You're in safe hands