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Calculating a potential yield on a property is the first step on the acquisition list. However, it is sometimes wise to re-assess your portfolio – costs of work – and renovation or even new developments and house building in your immediate location can all effect your long-term yield and sometimes it is wise to shed a property in order to make room for a more viable and profitable alternative.

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The Form below calculates your rental yield based on annual rental income. Our property management and letting services are designed to provide you with the right option – if you want to maximise your rental income and minimise your void periods – we would be happy to discuss your options. 

If you would like to obtain accurate figures and costs for the agency fees associated with our Tenant Find or Elite Property Rental Management services we have provided a quick contact form to allow you to get in touch – we are always happy to help advise and guide you through the various options.


Determine either your net or gross yield with our yield calculator – you will require the costs of running and maintaining your property on a monthly basis to obtain an accurate Net yield figure. Want to know how much Whatley Lane charge in fees for their tenant find and elite rental management services?

Please use this form to contact us – alternatively, visit the branch pages using the buttons below.

We also provide our instant online valuations service for an approximate estimate on your property value – both to rent and sell.

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Whatley Lane offer a choice of two levels of property management, as indicated in the form above and we would welcome a conversation with you about your property – perhaps you are considering an update to a property in-line with Sustainability and looking at the costs associated with total house insulation, glazing, lighting and other energy effiicency measures, perhaps you are considering providing a rental with all expenses paid and have concerns over the imminent fuel price increases – whatever situation you find yourself in – Whatley Lane are experienced professionals who live and work in the locality. You can click on the link just above the footer of this page to go through to our detailed introduction to our Rental property management services.

Whether your property is in one of the many idyllic rural villages of Suffolk or the commuter towns of Cambridge or perhaps a much sought after Cambridge centre location – we will be able to guide you through to the Maximal rental income, minimal void periods and the assurance of managed property services to afford you peace of mind. Alternatively if you prefer to be more hands on – we can assist you with the marketing and promotion of the property only to find you the most suitable tenants.

Rental Valuations

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If you are looking to obtain an approximate rental valuation for your property – we would like to suggest visiting our valuations page – this provides options for you to request a home visit valuation or alternatively – you can obtain an estimate online by providing your property address details – we would stress this is best used for an approximate guide only.

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Pet friendly Rentals

Another option in which Whatley Lane specialise is the provision and management of Lets with Pets. We are finding there to be an increased demand for properties that are available to owners and their pets and are able to provide this service with the appropriate level of contractual protection to the landlord, this also allows for an additional rental charge per pet and we find can often nudge rental yield, especially for the larger properties that often suffer from a reduced amount of demand due to the propensity of the British to buy as opposed to rent long-term.