What to look for when buying your new home

New Home
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Whatever features you are looking for in your new home – it pays to be organised and to do your research on the area and locality.

Whatley Lane are experienced professionals who live and work in the area and can help guide and advise you on the towns, villages and communities of Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

Exciting Times

There is something so freeing and comforting about the thought of having your very own place to call home – one to decorate, nurture and create many memories in with your friends and family.

Buying a new house requires a big investment possibly the biggest you’ll ever make – and, as such, it is extremely important for you to make the right decisions. The purchasing process can be very daunting, particularly for first-time buyers with minimal experience; professional guidance is vital to ensure you have covered all your bases in securing everything for a bright, stress-free future in your new home.

If your main goal for this year is to find a house to turn into your dream abode, there are a few factors you can start considering before getting down to the nitty-gritty details of the purchasing process. There are many important things to look out for when shopping around for a house, and it’s an exciting time, but check out these three factors you should study before making the leap.

Location, Location, Location

Depending on our work and family situation, we all tend to have specific requirements as to the location of our new home. With commuting for work or school being one of the most stressful aspects in our day to day routine, finding a home close to the office or a good children’s school will definitely prove advantageous – but is it realistic?

Property prices in most suburban areas are very steep because they are the most sought after. They are the perfect little haven away from big city life,  but close enough to commute without taking too many hours out of your day. Be sure to do your research prior to settling on a specific location to avoid possible disappointments and, most importantly – don’t become disheartened! Somewhere out there, the perfect house is waiting for you in the ideal neighbourhood.

Soundscapes & Security

Real estate agents and prospective buyers like to schedule their viewings for early morning or afternoon, as these hours provide the best possible light. While day-time viewing is a must that will aid you in making an informed decision, it is wise to visit the house of interest during different hours of the day to get a feel of what it might be like to truly live in it.

You can’t get a realistic idea of what it feels like to be living in a particular house based on one single viewing – especially considering that, most of the property’s neighbours will be working during morning and afternoon hours, and traffic will be at its calmest. Put your mind at ease by scheduling a few night-time and weekend viewings ensuring you have not chosen a house that happens to be situated next to loud, obnoxious neighbours, in front of a residential street known for reckless drivers and poor street-lighting. These are all important factors that will determine your comfort in your new home.

Honest Neighbours

No one will know the area better than your prospective neighbours. Reach out to them and ask them about their personal experiences. Depending on how long they have lived in the area, they will be able to offer you honest and insightful information about the neighbourhood and possibly even your house. Should the previous owners have had any problems during their occupancy, chances are their formers neighbours will have known about it.

You will also get first-hand information about their own homes which will give you a better idea of any issues that might arise in future. For example, if your direct neighbour’s basement is prone to flooding or the walls are particularly sensitive to humidity, chances are your home could be affected. A ten-minute chat with the locals could save your years of grief!

First Time Buyers and Home Moving checklist

If you are a first time buyer – we would recommend using our


This provides you with some useful sections for notes and memos – and budget organisers to ensure that you stay on budget and can plan those important purchases – whether it be decoration and tradesmen or some luxury fabrics and furnishings!

Moving Home is a time to be super organised – labelling boxes is an art in itself – we recommend writing on the side of the box which room and on the top – what items it contains. This makes it easier for removals men or your best friends to help get things in the right places!

In regards to what needs to be done during your home move we recommend you take a look at our guide to selling – this providing some useful tips during the buying and selling process – designed to guide you through to a hassle-free move.

They say that moving home is one of the most stressful times of your life – and whilst Whatley Lane aims to take much of the hassles and stresses away from their clients – we cannot emphasise enough the importance to get organised – write down due dates and itemise the costs, keep the communication open between yourself and your seller or buyer and ensure to keep your estate agent and solicitors in the loop – even if there is a slight problem – it is much better to allow people to adjust. Remember house sales can often be part of an extremely lengthy chain and providing as much information as possible helps to keep everyone on track.

the list!

The Process

save a deposit

create a budget planner

organise a visit with a mortgage advisor

create a folder with your payslips or income information

Get an ‘in principle mortgage offer’

find a house!

find a solicitor

make an offer

apply for your mortgage

legal transfer

arrange an exchange date

exchange contracts

move in!

The Search

write down the areas you are interested in

if buying jointly – write down your must haves and compromisable wants!

research an area and things such as council tax

decide on whether you would be prepared to do any work to ‘the right property’

find tradesmen and ask if they would be willing to look and estimate from photographs

research roads, commuter links and local businesses, schools, communities, gyms and the associated travel

discover what network coverage is like

The Move!

organise a declutter of your home – car boot sales and list on online auction sites

buy boxes and start packing early

get quotes for removals companies

if you are likely rennovating – arrange storage

find professional cleaners – or budget for essential home move cleaning kit

make a list of furniture you might need to buy – NEVER buy a house for your furniture!

Do you want to buy the white goods in the home?

If so make an offer

The Change of Address List

banks and building societies


utilities – Gas, electric, water etc

wifi and broadband

insurance providers

doctors and dentists

local council


employers, family and friends – we suggest posting a we have moved post – just incase you forget anyone!

We also provide a number of handy Property Guides to view online…. this includes a guide to selling property, property services provided via Whatley Lane and also our Lets with Pets guide.