Sustainable Home Improvements

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Sustainable Home Improvements – what are the most desirable factors

When assessing the options for sustainable home improvements it can be a difficult decision on where to spend your money, with the latest EPC measures being finalised – the push to make homes more insulated, efficient and ecologically mindful – the need to improve homes and bring them up to needs of today is becoming more evident. Already many developers are launching eco-villages and new property developments with some impressive sustainability credentials – and renovating your own home inline with new property standards is only ever going to be a step in the right direction.


most valuable eco home improvements



Until April 2022 you get financial support from the
government’s Renewable Heat Incentive    which will pay between £6,000 to £12,000 over 7 years. After April 2022 you will instead get a £5,000 upfront grant.

In terms of costs of installation – we found this link and site that seems to provide useful information on the installation costs of many of the
renewable heating solutions.
You should expect to pay just over £10k for air source heat pumps and more like £15k for ground source heat pumps – and maybe take the opportunity with the latter to landscape the garden – as you will need to dig-up much of your outdoor space.


Other Heating Solutions

Hydro Genie can cut domestic running costs and carbon by
upto 50% – it works through a system that eliminates oxygen from the heating system and therefore allowing a more efficient heating process.

Solar panels

Another option –
whether you want solar for the production of electricity or to heat your water – the improvement and advancement of the home battery systems are making these installations more attractive and also the actual panels and units themselves are advancing both aesthetically and in efficiency and power. We suggest you take a look at this link for more information on solar panel installations. Typically you should expect to pay somewhere between £5k to £10k for a solar panel installation.

Electricity and gas bills for a typical household will go up by £693 a year in April, a 54% increase. This is due to the price cap adjustment on Fuel in April 2022.

With the heating costs now set to rise – it may make all of the renewable heat solutions become much more attractive, especially with the new upfront grant payment – don’t delay – look into the options and be sure to ask Whatley Lane for their valuation and advice.