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The Sustainability Race is On!

Whatley Lane were an early adopter of climate positive action and committed to a tree planting pledge – carefully selecting their sustainability partners.

Rather than opt for quantity they chose a programme with Ecologi and Eden reforestation – their credentials for forestry management and climate positive workforce all reinforcing and adding value to every pound spent. They also researched thoroughly the types of tree and tree planting strategies globally to find and support the forestry management and planting schemes that were capable of sequestering the highest volume of carbon per tree planted and are proud to achieve confirmation that their activities have now sequestered 10 tonnes of carbon.

Newmarket edges ahead in the race to plant 10,000 trees...

Updated 15/03/2022

Make your Move more Sustainable with Whatley Lane

The commitment is to be a leader for sustainable estate agents – to plant trees for every house, commercial or domestic, that is sold or rented through their Suffolk based offices in Bury St Edmunds, and the famous Newmarket – home of British Horseracing.

Approaching 20,000 trees planted

and 10 tonnes of Carbon eliminated

Use the links on this page to discover more about our climate partners, sustainable property and sustainable home renovations.

We are truly aiming to become a champion of sustainable estate agency and are keeping our pages up-to-date with news on the new energy performance standards and certification, energy reduction and energy efficient measures as well as championing new initiatives and projects that are inline with our climate positive vision – take a look round our site and be sure to contact us or visit one of our branches – should you require any advice on sustainable property measures.

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