Energy-efficient, sustainable homes in Suffolk

The rise of energy-efficient and sustainable homes

Some 12% of the UK’s carbon emissions come from domestic buildings and the government has declared that by 2020, all homes must be zero carbon.

As the trend for low-cost, Eco-friendly sustainable housing continues to grow we are noticing a step change in the way buyers are searching for property.

Savvy property buyers are looking for properties which have high EPC ratings,  low running costs and integrated with the latest SMART Technology.

Sustainable building materials for new homes

The trend for sustainable homes is driving property developers to  invest in building materials that are more Eco-friendly and cost-effective.  Alternatives to traditional bricks and mortar include Earthbags, sustainable source timber, bamboo and stone.

At Whatley Lane Estate Agent we have some stunning Eco-friendly proprieties for sale in Newmarket.

Eco-Friendly Properties for Sale in Newmarket

The Malt House at The Maltings, Newmarket.

The Malt House apartments have been designed with sustainable, low-cost living in mind. They were built using reclaimed materials and have excellent EPC ratings.  They also come with cycle storage and are within walking distance of Newmarket City Centre.

Sustainable housing in Suffolk

Sustainable homes are on the rise. With the drive to lower carbon emissions and reduce pollution in our towns and cities, property developers are making significant changes to the way in which we design and build new homes. 

By using the natural resources around us such as renewable energy, reclaimed materials and ground source heat pumps, builders have the potential to build 100% sustainable properties. 

Transforming your property into a sustainable, low-cost and energy-efficient home is easier than you think and offers attractive benefits to the future of our planet and to your finances.

If you own a home,  we advise getting an energy performance surve energy certificates (EPC) done. An EPC can help you identify ways to save money on your energy bills and improve the comfort of your home.

Cost-saving, energy-efficient changes to your home

There are many options available to home owners to convert their property into an Eco-friendly home:

  • Loft insulation helps to prevent warm air escaping
  • Filling cracks and gaps in windows and doors prevents drafts
  • Triple glazing helps to trap warm air. Opt for glazing with a lower U-value, as
    that represents a better thermal performance.
  • Installing A-rated appliances will save you money and reduce emissions
  • Install a SMART Meter to measure energy use for every appliance.
  • Install a thermostat to control internal temperature
  • Increase the amount of natural light – consider installing large windows, sky lights and open-plan living
  • Replace bulbs with low-energy LED’s