Committed to Sustainable Action

Tree Planting


The reason tree planting is our No1 priority – is because of the science, it is a policy that can have the biggest impact on tackling climate change. The stats and research that have been completed on global tree planting show the scale of the potential to remove carbon out of the atmosphere.

Tree Planting

Every house sold or rented through one of our branches will fund tree planting.

Accomplished Compliance

We aim to be carbon neutral  across all business activities by 2030.

To Support & Inform

To provide useful and practicable resources for all of our managed properties.

Seek New Projects

Committed to actively seeking new UK tree planting and solar projects.

Sustainable Real Estate

Committed to Action


Whatley Lane estate agents are committed to a climate action plan and have embedded this culture into the very thread of their business. Ensuring that action happens now and that these actions are sustained until we reach the key milestones is so vitally important. Protecting the landscapes, the nature and seeking to limit the violent meteorological changes that cause so much death and destruction, is at the heart of the Whatley Lane initiatives.

Calculate to
Sequestrate your Carbon

Whether you are a property investor, developer or home owner – this should provide you with an approximate guide to the number of trees required to be planted in the UK. This calculation is an approximate value based on a predominantly hardwood planting regime.

If you are wondering how much land is required to plant a number of trees, there are a number of considerations specific to each species and generally, a mix of types is the best policy to ensure healthy your planting thrives and matures.

To provide you with a guide – a quarter of an acre – 10,890 sq feet would be enough to plant approximately 600 trees with a predominance of hardwood varieties.

The default value of 50 tonnes of carbon on the form is the approximate amount of carbon created from building an average UK house.

Whatley Lane are keen to work with people and affiliate businesses on planting initiatives to offset carbon production – whether you are an individual wanting to make steps to offset your household, travel or other emissions or a property developer or landlord with multiple properties – we can help.

COMING SOON – Top tips for sustainable property.

Money Well Spent
The case for tree planting


The research is extensive and studies have analysed land mass available globally and identified areas that are available for reforestation projects. They have included only land that is redundant, yet capable of sustaining tree planting and native species growth, discounting land that is farmed or urban, but have included grazing land, for the additional benefits it provides.

The result found that globally – 11% of all land is suitable for such initiatives and this is capable of accommodating up to 1.2tn trees. The effect of pursuing this project is considerable – it would allow the removal of 200bn tonnes of carbon within 50-100 years of planting. This project is a must-do, it currently is the most effective and cheapest way known to achieve these figures and also has socio-economic advantages to some of the most deprived communities that are actively employed in nurturing the seedlings and saplings and managing the resultant forests. 



Protecting our Roots

Data from the Global Forest watch below shows the damage we are all doing to our environment. We’re proud to be committed to planting trees on a monthly basis – there is however, still so much more to do.

We are conscious participants in the built environment, and rooted in the business is our tree planting mission. Property consumes 40 per cent of the world’s energy and contributes to 30 per cent of global annual greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. [1]  At the same time, 82,000 acres of forests disappear from the earth every day.[2] There are a variety of contributing factors, and humans are one of them, Whatley Lane are committed to a policy of supporting sustainable real estate and leading the way in carbon offsetting..

For each sale and letting successfully completed, we cover the cost of tree planting by contributing part of our commission to worldwide reforestation projects through our impact partner: Ecologi. These projects, selected for their forestry management and the maturation success they achieve for each of their planting initiatives are currently located predominantly in Madagascar – this is due to the increased sequestration of the trees in this location.

[1] United Nations (UN), ‘Sustainable Real Estate Investment’ (2016) 

[2] Global Forest Watch (GFW) & University of Maryland (2020)

Our Partners

Get Involved – Why not click on the link above and gift more impact to our cause – you could plant a forest for your family – a unique gift that will also allow you to see the updates and project impact.

If you are a developer and want to directly plant in the UK to offset the carbon impact of the building phases we would be able to assist you in planning this and ensuring that you are achieving a carbon Net Zero build.