Every time we let or sell a property, we plant trees.

You sell, buy, let or rent a property and you set the ball rolling.

We donate a percentage of our commission to plant trees.

Our partner, Ecologi, plants trees for every home we sell or let.

Together, we grow our forest and offset our carbon emissions.

Sustainability at Whatley Lane

Real estate accounts for about 40 percent of the world’s energy consumption and 30% of all CO2 emissions.

We believe that while developing the built environment of places we live, work and play in is important, it’s equally important to give back now to Mother Nature.

Our tree planting partner

We’re working with Ecologi to plant trees every time we sell or let one of our properties. When selling, buying, or renting through Whatley Lane, you are doing good things for the environment.

The benefits of planting trees are enormous, and we’re proud to be doing our bit for the environment.

  • Mitigates climate change
  • Improves water quality
  • Supports wildlife recovery
  • Boosts forest health and resiliency
  • Increases human happiness and well-being
  • Reduces ozone levels

Protecting our roots

Data from the Global Forest watch below shows the damage we are all doing to our environment. We’re proud to be committed to planting trees on a monthly basis – there is however, still so much more to do.

Plant trees with Whatley Lane

An overview of deforestation from National Geographic


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